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Fine Silver Unique Abstract Pendant Fine Silver Scallop Shell Fine Silver PMC Gingko Leaf Earrings
Fine Silver Scallop Shell
Our Price: $40.00
I decided to create this unique pendant out of a piece of silver  that I cut some stars out of for other pieces of jewelry. It is one of a kind and can never be reproduced. Silver Scallop Shell made from PMC(3) Silver Clay. It was created using a mold I made from a Shell found on Long Island. Your Shell would be custom made so may vary slightly from photo. Shell is approximately 1” wide by 1” tall

Fine Silver Gingko Leaf Earrings made using actual baby Gingko Leaves from a Gingko tree into my backyard.

PMC Fine Silver Fig Leaf Earrings Fine Silver PMC Gingko Leaf Pendant Fine Silver PMC Shell Earrings
PMC Fig Leaf Earrings
These earrings were made by taking a baby Fig Leaf off a tree we have as a indoor plant in winter and goes out during Spring, Summer and Fall. I took some baby leaves made these earrings from the baby leaves. Since these are made with real leaves your pair may vary from photo shown.
Gingko Leaf Pendant made from an real Gingko Leaf from a Gingko tree in my backyard.
PMC also known as Precious Metal Clay is a unique form of metal in this case Silver (but also comes in other metals). It is tiny particles of Silver mixed with an organic binder and water do it is flexible and can be molded like clay. It shaped and formed and then dried and fired in a kiln to burn off the binder. After the binder has burnt off you are left with a .999 Silver piece of jewelry.

For theses earrings I used a silicone mold I made of a small Shell. Taking the PMC and pressing it into the mold I made two nearly identical PMC shells. I then let them dry and fired them in my kiln. I then polished them and treated them with Liver of Sulfur to give them an Antique look.
Fine Silver Gingko Leaf Real Ginkgo Leaf Earrings in Fine Silver Double sided circular Fine Silver earrings
Fine Silver Gingko Leaf
Our Price: $40.00
This beautiful Ginkgo Leaf Pendant was made by taking a Gingko from tree in my back yard. I painted the leaf with several layers of PMC Paste made a bail out of twisted silver wire. It was then fired in my kiln and then polished. Made by taking 2 different Gingko Leaves of a similar size and coating them with several layers of PMC3 slip. Letting them dry and firing them in my kiln. Your pair may vary from photo shown as these are made from real leaves. Double sided earrings made from Precious Metal Clay. These earrings have a pattern on both sides and can be worn frontwards or backwards.
Fine Silver Striped Maple Leaf Fine Silver Fig Leaf Pendant Fine Silver Freeform Pendant with Beach Glass
Unique Silver Pendant made with Precious Metal Clay. This pendant made using a Striped or sometimes called Goosefoot Maple leaf made with spriral bail add to the uniqueness of this Pendant. Silver Fig Leaf made from Precious Metal Clay. This pendant is made from a leaf from a Fig Tree that I keep on enclosed porch in winter and put outside for the spring rest of the year. Freeform Pendant in Fine Silver with looped bail and ball with a piece of green Beach Glass and 2 stars.
Fine Silver Hexagon Pendant with Beach Glass Dichroic Pendant with Fine Silver Bail Fine Silver Scallop Pendant
A oblong hexagonal shaped pendant made with  Precious Metal Clay has a small piece of Beach Glass held on place by a bezel and a bit of syringe over the glass. Unique Dichroic Glass Pendant with a Fine Silver Bail to hang it. I know photo is sideways I tried to get it upright but Rounded Fine Silver Scallop Shell Pendant. Made from a handmade mold from a real shell. A unique on of a kind piece.
Fine Silver Red Maple Pendant Silver with Amethyst CZ Bug Eaten Leaf Pendant made from Fine Silver with added CZ
Silver with Amethyst CZ
Our Price: $40.00
This Fine Silver Pendant is an impression of a Real Red Maple. I purposely used a imperfect leaf because nature is not perfect. A Beautifully patina on this Amethyst CZ Pendant. I tried to get a nice patina and was successful. The color matches the Amethyst CZ. Fine Silver Leaf that has was eaten by a bug. Thought would make an interesting piece, I added an purple CZ to enhance the piece.One of a kind
Fine Silver Geranium Earrings Fine Silver Geranium Leaf Fine Silver Fern Leaf Earrings.
Fine Silver Geranium Leaf
Our Price: $40.00
A beautiful pair of Fine Silver Geranium Earrings made by taking 2 small leaves  as a mold for these earrings. Since made from real leaves they are unique on of a kind earrings. Since these are from real leaves your pair may vary from the one shown in photo. A Geranium leaf that was created with Fine Silver Precious Metal Clay. The template used is Geranium Leaf from a potted Geranium belonging to my Mother. I make each pendant to order so yours may vary slightly from this photo, but that is the fun of it. You will have a one of a kind silver leaf.
Fine Silver earrings made from Precious Metal Clay with impression of a real fern. The fern came from my backyard which I took and made a mold that was used for these one of a kind pair of earrings.
Fine Silver Heart with Dichroic Cabochon Fine Silver Flower plus Red Cubic Zirconia Pendant Fine Silver PMC Heart with Yellow Dichroic
PMC Heart with Dichroic Cabochon

This pendant was made using a Heart Shaped Mold I created and adding a Dichroic Glass Cabochon. The piece was then fired with the Glass Cabochon in place.
PMC3 Silver made using one of my own handmade molds. I then added a red cubic zirconia and fired and tumbled the piece the result is the pendant you see. As Silver Heart with a Yellow Green Dichroic Glass Cabochon.
Fine Silver Maple Seed Pods Fine Silver Pendant with Cubic Zirconia Fine Silver Scallop Pendant with Beach Glass
This pendant is made from Precious Metal Clay using a paste form of the Metal and painting it onto the seed pod. It is then dried and fired and tumbled and patina added.
A large pear shaped cubic zirconia surrounded by a bezel and Silver Clay coils.. A beautiful Scallop Shell pendant made of Fine Silver with two pieces of beach glass and a starfish made from Precious Metal Clay.
Fine Silver Shell Pendant with Beach Glass Fine Silver Scallop Shell Pendant with Beach Glass Fine Silver Pendant with Dichroic Cabochon
A beautiful Scallop Shell pendant made of Fine Silver with two pieces of beach glass and made from Precious Metal Clay. A beautiful Scallop Shell pendant made of Fine Silver with a piece of beach glass and made from Precious Metal Clay.
This Fine Silver Pendant is made with a Dichroic Cabochon encased in Silver with a Silver Snake Bail. The reddish patina is from being in the bright sun, I thought of removing it, but I think it adds character to this one of a kind piece.