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Wire Wrapped Yellowish Dragon Veins Agate Colorful Dichroic Pendant Blue Spotted Dichroic Pendant
Colorful Dichroic Pendant
Our Price: $20.00
Yellowish Dragon Veins Agate wrapped in Sterling Silver wire. This has a wire with spirals across the front.
Made with lots of colorful triangular cut pieces of Dichroic Glass this pendant features of full spectrum of colors. A lovely piece of Blue Opaque Blue Glass fired with a clear Dichroic cover with colorful spots that are iridescent.
Wire wrapped Mottled Jasper SOLD Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Grey Marble
Our Price: $20.00
This 40x30 piece of Jasper is wrapped using Round Sterling Silver wire. The stone is drilled as a large bead so the type of wire wrapping is unique compared to other pendants. Unique and rare Blue Glass tumbled and wrapped in Sterling Silver wire. This piece was tumbled to mimic Beach Glass but is missing the signature frosty look. Grey and Black mottled 40x30 bead wrapped in Sterling Silver Wire.
Fused Glass with Tabby Cat NEW Dichroic Pendant (Doggy  Love) Mixed Glass Dichroic Pendant
Dichroic cat decal fused on a piece of White Glass. It is a beautiful furry Tabby cat. This fused glass pendant has the word LOVE with a Dog Paw instead of the letter O. It is a great pendant for all those Dog lovers out there.
For this pendant I took some thin pieces of clear coated and some black coated glass and lay them on top of each other and fired in my kiln. They fused together to form this unique pendant.
Multilayered Glass Scraps Pendant Unique Mixed Dichroic Glass Pendant SOLD Unique Textured Rainbow Dichroic Glass Pendant
This pendant is made by overlapping several pieces of Scrap Glass and fusing them all together to create a unique one of a kind pendant. Blue Spotted and various piece of Dichroic glass make up this unique pendant. Rainbow Textured Dichroic Glass was used to create this unique one of a kind piece.
Unique Glass Pendant SOLD Silver and Copper Wire wrapped Dragon veins agate Beautiful Dichroic Glass Pendant
Unique Glass Pendant
Our Price: $25.00
A Unique Glass Pendant made by Taking some blue Opaque glass and adding lots of colorful pieces and firing in kiln to give you a beautiful pendant. Wire wrapped Pendant made using a unique 40x30 Dragon Veins Agate  It is wrapped using Silver and Copper wires twisted together. A very colorful unique Dichroic Glass Pendant with lots of pink, purple and yellow. A dichroic pendant is a beautiful piece of jewelry that can be worn by anyone. It is made with a special type of glass that is able to change colors depending on the angle from which it is viewed. This makes the pendant a unique and interesting piece of jewelry that is sure to get attention.

Spotted Dichroic Glass Pendant SOLD Wire Wrapped Pink/Black Granite Cabochon SOLD Rare Yellow Glass Wrapped in Sterling Silver Wire.
A beautiful piece of Colorful shades of blue spots of all shades. A beautiful granite Cabochon with Pink throughout the the stone. See photo. It is wrapped in 26 gauge Sterling Silver wire. This stone was brought back from Mexico from one of my parents annual trips. Yellow glass is not often seen and is very Rare. This piece is tumbled to simulate Beach Glass. It is missing the Unique frosty look of Beach Glass but is still a nice piece of Glass. It is wrapped in Sterling Silver Wire.
SOLD. Rare Blue Hawaiian Beach Glass wrapped in Sterling Silver Wire NEW Dichroic Glass Pendant with Dog paws Textured Dichroic Pendant
Textured Dichroic Pendant
Our Price: $25.00
Blue Beach Glass is very rare and not often found especially in a square shape as this one is. . This particular piece I got in a batch of Beach Glass I found online from someone in Hawaii. I wrapped it in Sterling Silver Wire making it a unique one of a kind piece piece of jewelry. This pendant can be worn on either.  Both sides have unique wire wrapping. This Pendant was made using some dark and transparent brown glass. After they were fired, I added some white Dog paw decals and re-fired to adhere them to glass.
Rectangular Textured Dichroic Glass a with multi colors.
NEW Two Black cats about to fight on Dichroic Glass Pendant NEW Green Dichroic Glass with Cat licking it’s paws after eating. Golden Butterfly Dichroic Pendant
Two Black Cat Dichroic Cat decals fused to the glass. Cats look like they are about to fight one about to swat the other who has an arched back. They are fused to a greenish glass. This unique pendant is made from Fused Dichroic Glass and two fusible decals. One of a cat licking it’s paws and one of two fish skeletons nearby. Gives you the idea that the cat ate the fish and is now cleaning itself. A beautiful pendant of Sparkling Golden Butterflies on a piece of Black. A unique on of a kind piece.
Fluorite wrapped in Sterling wire Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Ammonite Cabochon Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Green Sea Glass Pendant
Natural Fluorite in the rough that has been wrapped in Sterling silver wire. This crystal makes a lovely pendant that anyone would like. This crystal came from a friend of a friend who has a mine in Maine. Ammonite Fossil from Morocco in Cabochon form shaped like a coin. This fossil is wrapped in Sterling Silver wire. As all fossils are different this is a unique one of a kind piece. This piece of Green Sea Glass is beautifully wrapped in Sterling Silver wire. It is a unique one of a time piece. Comes with 20" or 24" Rubber Cord, Stering Silver Chain available for additional charge. You also have the option to get without chain or cord.
SOLD Sterling Wire Wrapped Druzy Quartz SOLD Natural  Amethyst Druzy Crystals wrapped in Sterling Silver wire Sterling Wire Wrapped Conglomerate
A nice piece of Druzy Quartz carefully wrapped in twisted Sterling Silver Wire Natural Amethyst Druzy Crystals wrapped in Sterling wire. Since all pieces of Amethyst are different this is a Unique one of a kind piece of jewelry, A great Mother's Day item. Comma shaped piece of conglomerate of unknown origin wrapped in Sterling Silver Wire with a Silver bead accent.
All pendants come with a Rubber cord with Sterling Silver Clasp. Available in 20” or 24” sizes. Sterling Silver chain available for additional charge.