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Colorful Dichroic Pendant Blue Spotted Dichroic Pendant Evil Eye Earrings
Colorful Dichroic Pendant
Our Price: $20.00
Evil Eye Earrings
Our Price: $20.00
Made with lots of colorful triangular cut pieces of Dichroic Glass this pendant features of full spectrum of colors. A lovely piece of Blue Opaque Blue Glass fired with a clear Dichroic cover with colorful spots that are iridescent. The essence of Evil Eye known for warding off evil spirits has been captured in these Earrings. They are a unique way to keep your life free from the evils in the world.
Striped Dichroic Earrings Dichroic orange, red and pink earrings SOLD Blue Plaid Dichroic Glass Earrings
Striped Dichroic Earrings
Our Price: $20.00
This gray, orange and teal earrings are made using three different colors of dichroic glass strips. I made many different similar earrings that are listed separately. Choose from Sterling Silver or Surgical Steel earrings. These orange, red and pink earrings are one of several designs of several pairs using same format in different colors. Choose from Sterling Silver or Surgical Steel earrings. Beautiful Blue Plaid glass turned into a beautiful pair of earrings.
Shiny Textured Dichroic Glass Earrings Orange Dichroic Glass Earrings with Dog Paws Blue Dichroic Glass Earrings with Dog Paws
These earrings are made using a textured Opalescent Dichroic Glass. Orange Dichroic Glass with a clear top. A Dog paw decal has been fused to the glass. Great for the Dog lover.  Choose from Sterling Silver or Surgical Steel ear wires. These nice looking Blue Dichroic Glass earrings are made with opposite eft and right Dog Paws.  Comes with Sterling Silver or Surgical Steel ear wires.
Dichroic Heart Earrings Fused Glass with Tabby Cat Textured Dichroic Pendant
Dichroic Heart Earrings
Our Price: $20.00
Textured Dichroic Pendant
Our Price: $24.00
These earrings are made with Dichroic Glass that has small hearts in the pattern. The are a great gift for someone for Valentine's Day or anytime of year for someone you love. Dichroic cat decal fused on a piece of White Glass. It is a beautiful furry Tabby cat. Rectangular Textured Dichroic Glass a with multi colors.
Mixed Glass Dichroic Pendant Multilayered Glass Scraps Pendant Unique Mixed Dichroic Glass Pendant
For this pendant I took some thin pieces of clear coated and some black coated glass and lay them on top of each other and fired in my kiln. They fused together to form this unique pendant. This pendant is made by overlapping several pieces of Scrap Glass and fusing them all together to create a unique one of a kind pendant. Blue Spotted and Dichroic make up this unique pe
SOLD Unique Textured Rainbow Dichroic Glass Pendant Unique Glass Pendant Beautiful Dichroic Glass Pendant
Unique Glass Pendant
Our Price: $25.00
Rainbow Textured Dichroic Glass was used to create this unique one of a kind piece. A Unique Glass Pendant made by Taking some blue Opaque glass and adding lots of colorful pieces and firing in kiln to give you a beautiful pendant. A very colorful unique Dichroic Glass Pendant with lots of pink, purple and yellow. A dichroic pendant is a beautiful piece of jewelry that can be worn by anyone. It is made with a special type of glass that is able to change colors depending on the angle from which it is viewed. This makes the pendant a unique and interesting piece of jewelry that is sure to get attention.

Spotted Dichroic Glass Pendant SOLD Dichroic Glass Pendant with Dog paws Two Black cats on colorful Dichroic Glass Pendant
A beautiful piece of Colorful shades of blue spots of all shades. This Pendant was made using patterned Dichroic on clear glass. One fired I added some Dog paw decals and re-fired to adhere them to glass.
Two Black Cat Dichroic Cat decals that looks like they are about to fight. One appears to have an arched back and hissing at the other. They are fused to a colorful red to orange glass.
Golden Butterfly Dichroic Pendant SOLD Dichroic Pendant with Fine Silver Bail Fine Silver Heart with Dichroic Cabochon
A beautiful pendant of Sparkling Golden Butterflies on a piece of Black. A unique on of a kind piece. Unique Dichroic Glass Pendant with a Fine Silver Bail to hang it. I know photo is sideways I tried to get it upright but This Fine Silver Heart Pendant is made with a Dichroic Cabochon encased in Silver with a Handcrafted Silver Bail. A one of a kind piece
SOLD A Bolt of Lightning The Evil Eye Pendant SOLD OUT Fine Silver Geranium Leaf w/Rainbow Patina and Glass Cab
SOLD A Bolt of Lightning
Our Price: $65.00
The Evil Eye Pendant
Our Price: $65.00
Fine Silver Precious Metal Clay and Dichroic Glass make up this Pendant. Using a style to embrace the Glass Cabochon I took a piece of glass that appeared to be a have a bolt of lighting and surrounded it with silver. Made from Fine Silver Precious Metal Clay with a fused glass rectangular Cabochon. A Beautiful Pendant based on a design format of the Late Lis-el Crowley. She called it her Embrace design.  This is my own design but got the idea from her. A Fine Silver Geranium Leaf crafted from Precious Metal Clay using a mold of a real lead. It has a beautiful rainbow patina and a Dichroic Glass Cabochon. A truly lovely piece.