Dichroic Glass

Dichroic glass is an opaque material, created by either stacking layers of metal oxides or mixing those oxides with glass. This creates a stunning effect that is unlike any other type of jewelry. I make all my own dichroic glass for use in my jewelry.

I love the flexibility of working in dichroic glass – how I can bring out different colors, how the colors shift as the light changes, how the material can be shaped, and how readily it can be fused with other materials.

If you’re looking for a truly unique piece of jewelry, dichroic pieces are a great option.

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example of Dichroic Glass

What is Dichroic Glass

Dichroic glass is a captivating material that appears to be different colors in different types of light. It dates as far back as the Roman Empire, where it was used to decorate the Lycurgus Cup in the fourth century, making the cup appear either green or red depending on the lighting. In more recent history, dichroic glass was popularized by NASA in the 1950s and 60s, when it was used to protect space shuttles from radiation. The reflective, color-shifting properties of dichroic glass is the result of thin-film physics. This is the same phenomenon that creates the iridescent coloration in soap bubbles, oil, and dragonfly wings. Today, this unique material is mostly utilized in jewelry, used to create earrings, pendants, beads and more. Dichroic glass jewelry is created by applying metal oxides to a glass surface and then firing it a kiln at high temperatures, which fuses the oxides to the glass.

Dichroic Glass Jewelry from JDB Creations

JDB Creations makes one-of-a-kind earrings and pendants from dichroic glass. Our statement pieces add tasteful luxury and elegance to any look. We offer a wide selection of dichroic glass jewelry at an affordable price to suit all styles and budgets.

Dichroic Glass Stud Earrings
Our micro dot stud earrings are crafted from glass that we fuse in our kiln. We offer these earrings in a wide range of colors and textures with shiny, iridescent properties. Each pair of micro dot earrings is handmade and one-of-a-kind. They are the perfect subtle accessory to elevate any outfit.

Dichroic Glass Dangle Earrings
JDB Creations crafts unique dangle earrings out of dichroic glass. These larger pieces give us even more room for creativity. Many of our earrings are etched with patterns, such as hearts and dog paws, or overlaid with textures. We also offer earrings that incorporate multiple colors of dichroic glass for an even more colorful and iridescent appearance. Our dangle earrings come with high-quality sterling silver or surgical steel ear wires.

Dichroic Glass Pendants
Our dichroic glass pendants are beautiful statement pieces that grab attention everywhere they go with their color-changing properties. We can incorporate multiple colors, patterns and emblems into our pendants. Some of our designs are abstract, featuring different shapes and different layers of dichroic glass for a colorful look. We also incorporate patterns and textures into many of our pendants, which enhance their iridescent properties.

We can also fuse our dichroic glass pendants with decals. Some of our pendants feature paw prints, cats, dogs, butterflies, hearts and simple text. This is a great way to express your passions through your jewelry. Some of our more complex pendants are even encased in handcrafted silver and fused with glass cabochons. Our dichroic glass pendants are as unique as the people who wear them, and they are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.