All my silver jewelry is made from silver metal clay. Metal clay is a unique material that consists of microscopic particles of metal mixed with an organic binder and water. This composition makes the silver malleable, like clay. When metal clay is dried and fired in a kiln, the binder burns off, leaving behind a piece of Metal jewelry.

I use Fine Silver Precious Metal Clay for all of my pieces, and I am certified to teach classes in the use of Metal Clay .

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Silver Jewelry Creations from JDB

Silver jewelry crafted from Precious Metal Clay is a completely unique accessory that can be molded into countless shapes. At JDB Creations, we seek inspiration from nature, using natural elements as molds for much of our silver jewelry.

One of our signature designs is our silver leaf earrings. These earrings are a beautiful accessory that you can wear with any outfit and for any occasion, whether you are dressing up for a special event or just want to add a touch of elegance to your everyday look. Each earring is made from the impression of a real leaf, which is rolled into Precious Metal Clay and fired. We have many leaf options to choose from, including oak, ginko, silver fig, fern, maple seed pod, watermelon, redbud, sage, and grape leaf earrings. They hang from sterling silver French hooks and are sure to become a favorite in your jewelry collection.

JDB Creations also offers a number of other earring options, most of which are inspired by nature. Our starfish earrings are created using the mold of a real starfish, so you can carry the sea with you wherever you go. We also offer silver seashell earrings based on the molds of real shells.

While most of our work is based on the natural world, we offer many abstract silver earring designs as well, which add unexpected flare to your jewelry collection. Our layered hexagon earrings are a truly unique design with lots of depth and texture. Or, you can choose a more recognizable shape, such as our star earrings. At JDB Creations, we are also known for our textured and patterned circle and half-circle earring designs. These beautiful and unique patterns are highly wearable and compliment any outfit.

In addition to earrings, JDB Creations also offers silver pendant designs to complete your look. Like our earring designs, our pendants are largely inspired by nature and created using real molds of natural objects. They make great statement pieces, as they are large enough to incorporate lots of detail and character. Decorate your neck with a silver oak, ginko or pokeweed pendant to celebrate your love for nature. Or, choose one of our abstract pendant designs, such as our circular pendant with star cutouts or our freeform pendant with beach glass. We can also create pendants embedded with ammonite fossil or other cabochons. Another popular option is our heart-shaped pendant, which makes a great gift for your loved ones.